Tuesday, May 25, 2010

What is the difference?

Hey folks. it's time to wirte somethin again. I had some busy weeks... lot's of gig and other stuff to do. No I don't wanna complain about it just about the promoters again... Ok, small locations just don't have the budget to rent or buy some pro videobeamer or a screen. but the big ones... and than telling us "no mony" I played at a festival last weekend and I know that screen for tripplehead and beamer where writen on the techrider. At the maintent it was ok. 4 pro-screens and really bright beamer and a show done by the guys from visual drugstore. I like there style but at the second tent the screen was just some white fabric eating the light from the beamer. no real vj budget a small corner beside the stage... (at the maintent was much more) what does VD do better? Nothing! Just the name?!?
I did a tripleheadshow wich looked much better than expected with this crappy screen.. It's ok with me cause the VJ who had to rig this and is a friend and I know how much work he had. I guess it's just because it was a tent maintained by a local booking and event agency. Another bad thing is... a promoter just called to say I should bring beamers and screen with me to a open air... And it was clearly said: I just come and plug in! Am I such a diva that I just ask for a better treatment by some promoters... It's always the same... djs come with there usb sticks 2 hrs and getting the big cash and most of us vjs still come early riggin our stuff and de-riggin it after the show... hmm I'm a traveling vj and this is just not possible! I really just can say READ THIS!

Wednesday, May 12, 2010