Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Emily Triplehead @ Visualisation Festival

This is a short resume of Emily Tripleheads performance at Visualisation Festival 2009. A shame that I lost my SD card with a lot more of footage from the party. So watch this instead. Maybe if someone gots any footage uncut from this event and likes to ship me a dvd with it would be great.

Sunday, December 27, 2009

A 2010 New Years Countdown

Here is a small gift for all of you. A tiny 2010 countdownclip. If you still look fpr one - you'll find it at

Thursday, December 24, 2009

Merry Christmas

I wish you all a very merry christmas. God bless you all.

Wednesday, December 23, 2009

StarCulture @ Lovevolution 09

David Starfire and VJ Culture perform as StarCulture @ Lovevolution 09 at the Civic Center. Main stage.

Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Light Paint for Quase-Cinema

Today the Light Paint Module for the vj software Quase-Cinema was released. Light Paint is a developement from Alexandre Rangel at the Quase-Workshop in Aalbirg (Denmark). In fact it's the first time I here about Quase-Cinema and I just found out that it's worth for testing it in a couple of days.

Monday, December 21, 2009

Review on Visualisation Festival 2009

Hey Folks,
back from Visualisation Festival!!! It was just amazing. On arrival day we had some nice talks and after a meal we had a nice presentation by Hendrik Wendler about his Multiscreensystem based on MXWendler Software. He was such a nice guy I think all of us enjoyed. After a break Erik from Bewegtbildbau introduced us a bit into the world of processing. What was meant as a workshop endet just in a presentation and he answered to the questions we hat. At least it's a pitty that these where the only let's say workshop. Meanwhile we are all getting known to each other Yochee and Magiceye where still on the way... they had a small trafficjam on the way..

so right after the presentations of Erik and Hendrik we talked a bit and at our house we even talked further and we also drunk some beer. It was funny and interesting.. oh meanwhile it's about 3:30 a.m. and that's just I think 17 houres after Yochee started his car... and guess! Yeah he made it. he just arrived after e really long trip. Hope his tour back home was not so long. Ok, after 4 houres of sleep I woke up and made myself a instant coffee. And slowly one by one all of us where back in live...
Breakfasttime in Neuhaus. We just had to walk some meters to a nice small pup/restaurant and they had a open fire burning in there. just beautyfull and a kind of romantic atmosphere. we all just talked and talked and afterwards we went back to the festival location. artificialeys Michael showed his VMS system and some funktonality of his macbased software called Thrill - it's a very interesting peace and worth having a look. I helped a bit building the just arrived LED Wall that looked after a small softare crash really amazing with the visuals... we build it as a kind of frame around the stage...

just an hour before the mainevent started I became a haircut from tribalking Stefan Lenk, he also did haircuts for Thomas D and teaches his skills to hairdressers around the globe. First one on the LineUp for the evening was organisator of the festival BILDzumTON a nice family guy but allways a bit stressed I guess. But no wonder if you create such a nice meeting. Respect and thanks Mike! As it becomes more crowded Emily Triplehead did threre performance. Three real nice girls with nice content and stage outfit. But I don't wanna go in detail so much cause every show was great. I also had my 1hour for performing a set of mine. I had so much fun that I did not realise the end of it - def. one of the shortest hours in the last 10 years while I'm doing this stuff. But the last days where a kind of hard and I truly where sleeping during the party right on stage on top of a case. Guess this was a funny for all. I just woke up half an hour before the end.

So after the show we went home to the house and after 2h of sleep the night was over. So I'm quite happy that I had some sleep at stage. ;) Had some nice talks than with Mike and Michael and the Triplehead girls also Frank aka MagicEye and the rest. At the lunchtable Michael told us some really deep things that maked me sad cause of similar experiences. Thanks for sharing you are not just a great vj no you are one of the interesting and deepest persons I met in live. Hope to see you again you are allways welcome to Leipzig/Delitzsch all of you! A pitty that I lost the sd card of my videocam... But anyway - Thanks a lot for this 3 days in Neuhaus.

Saturday, December 19, 2009

1st impression on Visualisation Festival

Hey there and good morning folks. Last night we just started Visualisation Festival. It's quit small and except of the VJs no guest where here. Stop. At least two but they left early.  Hendrik Wendler know for his software MXWendler did a presentation of some multiscreen stuff done with his software. That was in fact quit interesting so make sure you check it out. The second "workshop" ended up in a small presentation in whats possible in processing done by Bewegtbildbau. Erik just got a Novation Launchpad a day before and demonstrated some small code snippets to change the color of the buttons and made them blink. And the picture above is just showing Erik playing around with Processing, the Launchpad and Resolume Avenue.Just after maybe 4h of sleep! So gona get you some more pics today and keep you informed. Cheers so far...

Friday, December 18, 2009

I'm out for Visualisation Festival

Check here for more information. Hope to see some of you there.

Thursday, December 17, 2009

Something stupid...

So guys and gals...
 this weekend will be Visualisation Festival and I'm invited. Hope it will be fun in any way. Meeting other vjs maybe learning new stuff and doing a fuckin awsome show on saturday. just hope that I dont have to play toooooo early... Now while I'm checking my case and stuff a nice clip I found on tube...

Video mapping installation - Exeter Phoenix Building

Video mapping installation in conjunction with the Exeter 2 Short Nights Film Festival 2009. This video is an edited version of the live performance.See and for more information.

Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Videopong just another videoportal?

Just found VIDEOPONG.NET while surfing the net on my morningcoffee. What's that? Just another videocommunity such as youtube& co? I guess NO! It's to share and remix clips and for all of us a must to check it. Videopong is specifically designed for VJs and video artists, and offers besides the usual upload options the following advanced options:
  •  The download of the unchanged original clip is possible, if the owner allows.
  •  The clips are published under Creative Commons licenses, which allow remixing ( can choose between different licensing options.
  •  Remixes can be linked to the source clip: Thus, the remix chain keeps visible and understandable
  •  Videopong is completely ad-free and works as non-profit organization
  •  The direct download of a specially converted Clipformat for VJ tools is possible
  •  Users take an active part in the development process.
  •  A portable take-away Server (see Glossary) for VJ festivals and events without Internet access that offers the functionality of Videopong locally 
Make sure you check it out. can be fun anyway. Thanks for reading.

Sunday, December 13, 2009

told:by - VJ Taras Gesh

This Week Told:By is featuring Taras Gesh from Russia.

Q: Where does your artist name or stage name come from?
A: It's my first name and surname
Q: What best discribes your VJing style?
A: My style to describe is difficult because I work not only in clubs, also at concerts with rock and jazzmusicians and also sometimes with the National Gallery. Usually I prepare special thematic graphic for each event and besides live vj-sets I do video installations  and interactive performances with a videocamera.
I do not adhere to one musical style and I like to experiment with different musical directions, therefore my VJing style is constantly transformed. But as I work with motiongraphics it allows me to create the exclusive material, which I also constantly complicate and change.
Q: Location/Act you ever want to do visuals for and why?
A: Oh, it is a difficult question because I never reflected on it :)
Actually I like to do what I do now and I consider that important not "where" but "how" you do it.
Sometimes I dream of any other new spaces, where video will have more values than music,
because vj's work is much more difficult than dj's work and we deserve it ;)
Q: Your personal famous last words?
A: Music it is possible to look
Q: Who should be the next VJ for told:by interviewsession?
A: There are a lot of interesting vj's in our world.
It is interesting to me to read interview to any vj. Thanks!

Here you may look for further information:
link to myspace/website:
link to vimeo/youtube:

Friday, December 11, 2009

Retina Error @ Brooklin Bowl

Time to be a little bit proud of my own stuff. My video "Retina Error remix of 'Vectorloverz' (Devon Miles) feat. Alec Troniq 'I'm the foolaloof' (agaric remix) [Broque056]" that I posted to the Vimeo Group Eye Candy For Strangers has been chosen as an official selection! The videoremix will be presented Saturday, December 12th, at the first Vimeo meet-up at Brooklyn Bowl. So thank you Devon that you asked me to do this remix for you. As far as I reviewed the other videos I really have to say go and watch some of them.. There are some really great works at this evening.

Wednesday, December 9, 2009

3D Mapping

Here is a beautyfull piece of 3D motiongraphics mapped on buildings... I just love to watch... I really need to make a mapping by my self next year... just enjoy!

Sunday, December 6, 2009

told:by Lotte_Z

Q: Where does you'r Artistname come from?
A: LotteZ is my first name (Lotte) combined with the first letter of my surname (Zuydwijk).
I started out VJ'ing with a different name; Jetty Kiz, which is short for 'Would Jetty Kiz?', which is an anagram of my full name. My friends advised me to stick to my real name, because they found it confusing, so I did.
Q: What discribes your VJing style the best?
A: I always find it difficult to describe my 'style', because you do what comes natural to you.
I make stylistic decisions on things that are not always very artistic or stylistic. My visuals tend to be based on a dark background. One of the reasons why I do that is that I like to use a lot of layers in my visuals, to keep them new and exciting.Using a lot of black in your visuals makes it easy to key out elements.
Also I believe it is very important to be friends with the light- and laserartists of an event.
That way you can all become a team, create visual synergy and consider the general atmosphere of a night.
If your visuals contain a lot of light, it is very easy to kill the atmosphere; people generally don't like to dance in very light spaces. I'd rather build up my light output by layering my visuals during the night. But another thing that would desrcibe my style is high contrast, flow and raw themes combined with serene and natural elements.
Q: Location/Act you ever want to do visuals for and why?
A: It would be an absolute dream of mine to do the live visuals for The Prodigy. I have been a fan since their first album; I even had a teen crush on Keith Flint. So yeah; that would be awsome! But in general I really enjoy it when I am booked as a stage act and interact with the energy of other live performers. I recently teamed up with three other girls as a VJ-/performance-act.
We are called Geeks on Heels and we are always booked for our interaction with the DJ's, musicians and audience. It is so much fun to be out there, have fun, abuse equipment, go crazy and to get a direct response on that from people.
Q: Your personal famous last words?
A: Life is like a dance
Q: Who should be the next VJ for told:by interviewsession?
A: Ask my girl in crime Polly Pastis, she's crazy and fun.

Friday, December 4, 2009

Jsut a small teaser for this saturday at club Ziehwerk

It's don quick and dirty in AE. The track doesn't match to the video... in fact it does but it was just droped below to have somthing playing.

Wednesday, December 2, 2009

I am the Foolaloof - RMX for Devon Miles

I just finished the remix of Devons material for the track "I'm the Foolaloof" of audio artist Alec Tronic. Hope you enjoy.

Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Lovely Motion Graphics

Musuta a multidisciplinary design studio working in and between Tokyo & Helsinki just made this beautyfull peace of animation....