Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Videopong just another videoportal?

Just found VIDEOPONG.NET while surfing the net on my morningcoffee. What's that? Just another videocommunity such as youtube& co? I guess NO! It's to share and remix clips and for all of us a must to check it. Videopong is specifically designed for VJs and video artists, and offers besides the usual upload options the following advanced options:
  •  The download of the unchanged original clip is possible, if the owner allows.
  •  The clips are published under Creative Commons licenses, which allow remixing (creativecommons.org).Users can choose between different licensing options.
  •  Remixes can be linked to the source clip: Thus, the remix chain keeps visible and understandable
  •  Videopong is completely ad-free and works as non-profit organization
  •  The direct download of a specially converted Clipformat for VJ tools is possible
  •  Users take an active part in the development process.
  •  A portable take-away Server (see Glossary) for VJ festivals and events without Internet access that offers the functionality of Videopong locally 
Make sure you check it out. can be fun anyway. Thanks for reading.

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