Saturday, December 19, 2009

1st impression on Visualisation Festival

Hey there and good morning folks. Last night we just started Visualisation Festival. It's quit small and except of the VJs no guest where here. Stop. At least two but they left early.  Hendrik Wendler know for his software MXWendler did a presentation of some multiscreen stuff done with his software. That was in fact quit interesting so make sure you check it out. The second "workshop" ended up in a small presentation in whats possible in processing done by Bewegtbildbau. Erik just got a Novation Launchpad a day before and demonstrated some small code snippets to change the color of the buttons and made them blink. And the picture above is just showing Erik playing around with Processing, the Launchpad and Resolume Avenue.Just after maybe 4h of sleep! So gona get you some more pics today and keep you informed. Cheers so far...

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