Monday, December 21, 2009

Review on Visualisation Festival 2009

Hey Folks,
back from Visualisation Festival!!! It was just amazing. On arrival day we had some nice talks and after a meal we had a nice presentation by Hendrik Wendler about his Multiscreensystem based on MXWendler Software. He was such a nice guy I think all of us enjoyed. After a break Erik from Bewegtbildbau introduced us a bit into the world of processing. What was meant as a workshop endet just in a presentation and he answered to the questions we hat. At least it's a pitty that these where the only let's say workshop. Meanwhile we are all getting known to each other Yochee and Magiceye where still on the way... they had a small trafficjam on the way..

so right after the presentations of Erik and Hendrik we talked a bit and at our house we even talked further and we also drunk some beer. It was funny and interesting.. oh meanwhile it's about 3:30 a.m. and that's just I think 17 houres after Yochee started his car... and guess! Yeah he made it. he just arrived after e really long trip. Hope his tour back home was not so long. Ok, after 4 houres of sleep I woke up and made myself a instant coffee. And slowly one by one all of us where back in live...
Breakfasttime in Neuhaus. We just had to walk some meters to a nice small pup/restaurant and they had a open fire burning in there. just beautyfull and a kind of romantic atmosphere. we all just talked and talked and afterwards we went back to the festival location. artificialeys Michael showed his VMS system and some funktonality of his macbased software called Thrill - it's a very interesting peace and worth having a look. I helped a bit building the just arrived LED Wall that looked after a small softare crash really amazing with the visuals... we build it as a kind of frame around the stage...

just an hour before the mainevent started I became a haircut from tribalking Stefan Lenk, he also did haircuts for Thomas D and teaches his skills to hairdressers around the globe. First one on the LineUp for the evening was organisator of the festival BILDzumTON a nice family guy but allways a bit stressed I guess. But no wonder if you create such a nice meeting. Respect and thanks Mike! As it becomes more crowded Emily Triplehead did threre performance. Three real nice girls with nice content and stage outfit. But I don't wanna go in detail so much cause every show was great. I also had my 1hour for performing a set of mine. I had so much fun that I did not realise the end of it - def. one of the shortest hours in the last 10 years while I'm doing this stuff. But the last days where a kind of hard and I truly where sleeping during the party right on stage on top of a case. Guess this was a funny for all. I just woke up half an hour before the end.

So after the show we went home to the house and after 2h of sleep the night was over. So I'm quite happy that I had some sleep at stage. ;) Had some nice talks than with Mike and Michael and the Triplehead girls also Frank aka MagicEye and the rest. At the lunchtable Michael told us some really deep things that maked me sad cause of similar experiences. Thanks for sharing you are not just a great vj no you are one of the interesting and deepest persons I met in live. Hope to see you again you are allways welcome to Leipzig/Delitzsch all of you! A pitty that I lost the sd card of my videocam... But anyway - Thanks a lot for this 3 days in Neuhaus.

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