Sunday, December 6, 2009

told:by Lotte_Z

Q: Where does you'r Artistname come from?
A: LotteZ is my first name (Lotte) combined with the first letter of my surname (Zuydwijk).
I started out VJ'ing with a different name; Jetty Kiz, which is short for 'Would Jetty Kiz?', which is an anagram of my full name. My friends advised me to stick to my real name, because they found it confusing, so I did.
Q: What discribes your VJing style the best?
A: I always find it difficult to describe my 'style', because you do what comes natural to you.
I make stylistic decisions on things that are not always very artistic or stylistic. My visuals tend to be based on a dark background. One of the reasons why I do that is that I like to use a lot of layers in my visuals, to keep them new and exciting.Using a lot of black in your visuals makes it easy to key out elements.
Also I believe it is very important to be friends with the light- and laserartists of an event.
That way you can all become a team, create visual synergy and consider the general atmosphere of a night.
If your visuals contain a lot of light, it is very easy to kill the atmosphere; people generally don't like to dance in very light spaces. I'd rather build up my light output by layering my visuals during the night. But another thing that would desrcibe my style is high contrast, flow and raw themes combined with serene and natural elements.
Q: Location/Act you ever want to do visuals for and why?
A: It would be an absolute dream of mine to do the live visuals for The Prodigy. I have been a fan since their first album; I even had a teen crush on Keith Flint. So yeah; that would be awsome! But in general I really enjoy it when I am booked as a stage act and interact with the energy of other live performers. I recently teamed up with three other girls as a VJ-/performance-act.
We are called Geeks on Heels and we are always booked for our interaction with the DJ's, musicians and audience. It is so much fun to be out there, have fun, abuse equipment, go crazy and to get a direct response on that from people.
Q: Your personal famous last words?
A: Life is like a dance
Q: Who should be the next VJ for told:by interviewsession?
A: Ask my girl in crime Polly Pastis, she's crazy and fun.

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