Monday, January 4, 2010

A Happy New Year

Hey Mates,

first of all I wanna wish you a happy new year with lots of fun and a lot of nice partys and shows and all around. May god bless you.

So whats going on? I'm going to go back to normal and publish more regulary than the last couple of days aaaand i just realized that I'm nearly 18 years in electronic dance music and in my 10th year of doing live visuals. In fact I also become 30 this year so there will be some celebration in the middle of the year. But until that I'll do some nice shows and will work even more harder at my skills. I hope to find allways good infos for you.

Since I'm planing to go to b-seite festival in mannheim I'm going to work out a little workshop about creating widescreen content for panorama projections and I'm designing a custom midicontroller for the use with resolume avenue at the moment. Ok, thats pretty enough for this year. Just hope that I may play at a place that has such a LED driven dancefloor...

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