Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Retina Error @ Tresor Berlin

Hey Folks,
long time since the last poast again.At the moment there is just to much to do around me. But here I have two clips for you showing a bit from my performance at the well known Tresor in Berlin. It was at the Visualberlin Festival and I played besides DJ Fassa Ben. Look for youself:


  1. hey man! this is... VJ chicle... remember? I am with the guys from Nonsleep, meet you at the visual berlin festival...

    wanted to add you to facebook but I cant find you.

    anyways.. just wanted to let you know I am selling a lot of VJ hardware and would like to ask you if you know anyone interested.

    im in facebook as : raul arellano frellick



  2. yeah... you found me... ;) and you've got mail at fakebook... ;) cheers my friend