Sunday, November 29, 2009

told:by Kyle Lyons

So here comes the next one. We all know him allready from Kyle Lyons. Enjoy!

Q: Where does your Artist name come from?
A: Currently I use my real name when I perform.  Originally when I started performing at raves and Psytrance parties 10 years ago I used the name "VJ DMT" which was my acronym for Digital Media Therapy but it is more commonly known as Dimethyltryptamine a naturally occurring tryptamine and powerful  psychedelic that is often found in plants but also in the human body.  Back then this was a very interesting topic for me.  I think the psychedelic culture and VJ culture complimented each other on many different levels so I wanted to give people the impression that my work was the most powerful mind blowing visual experience but I’m still working on that :P
Q: What describes your VJing style the best?
A: Right now I work a lot with stop motion & timelapse photography. So my work is very organic and real.  I don’t have the classical 3D or 2D animation training so I rely on photography and some video.  In the last few years I have been studying After Effects and Particle Illusion to get more into motion graphics and animation.  I think 3D will be my next mountain to climb.
Q: Location/Act you ever want to do visuals for and why?
A: It’s always been my dream to travel to Asia, even better if I get the opportunity to VJ there.  I just got back from a 5 week tour of Malaysia and Indonesia so I feel very fortunate to have had the opportunity to do visuals and travel there.  The visual artists there are very dedicated and hardworking.  I think my next goal will be Japan, Korea or China but I also have my eyes set on South America.  I enjoy working with local acts in the countries I visit because they have a lot to offer visually.  You pick up new techniques and ideas.  It's a great way to share knowledge.
Q: Your personal famous last words?
A: The world is your visual playground.  Go explore, document, capture, film, photograph, edit, cut and produce what makes you happy.
Q: Who should be the next VJ for told: by interview session?
A: Dan “Dubassy” Talson who has been a big inspiration for my own work.

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