Sunday, November 8, 2009

told:by Retina Error

May I introduce you to a series of small interviews with other vj's around the globe. The basic Idea behind is to start interviewing one with just 5 questions and a link to his demoreel or website and whatever belongs to him or her or them. The questions are allways the same and the last question gives you a hint who'll be one of the next vj's featured at this place. I hope you enjoy this and makes you come regulary to my blog.

The first one in the row is me just because someone has to start.

told:by Retina.Error

Q: Where is you'r Artistname come from?
A: It's just because of my left eye. there is indeed an error at my retina. In fact I cant see all the nice 3D movies and I have a really personal name that belongs to me. That's the story behind.
Q: What discribes your VJing style the best?
A: I'd say its a mix between abstract visuals and a few real movies I made by my self. Mixed absolutley live and with passion at my deck. Before that I just grabbed all I could find on the net.
Q: Location/Act you ever want to do visuals for and why?
A: MELT! open air. Just because It's my favorite since his beginning in the late 90's
Q: Your personal famous last words?
A: Lass knacken baby...!
5: Who should be the next VJ for told:by interviewsession?
A: Devon Miles

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