Sunday, November 15, 2009

told:by - VJ Wunderkind

Q: Where does you'r Artistname come from?
A: My Pseudonym has 2 origins. 1st it comes from my wife's favourite film "Wir Wunderkinder." The second reason is that I wanted a German word that English speakers would understand.
Q: What discribes your VJing style the best?
A: I guess it's kind of hard to describe my style as I'm in the middle of making a change. But if I had to give a short description, it would be simple and clean, maybe even minimalistic. That's because I don't want to end up having a total chaos on the screen. Neither do I want to cause epileptic shocks by changing too fast. So I keep it rather slow and simple.
Q: Location/Act you ever want to do visuals for and why?
A: Hmm who would I like to do visuals for... Tough one. I love Massive Attack, but UVA have done a fine job for them already. I think in general I'd like to get more into stage and light design and it doesn't really matter what act it is because I find new situations challenging anyways...
Q: Your personal famous last words?
A: I'm not the DJ...
Q: Who should be the next VJ for told:by interviewsession? 
A: My favourite VJs are Steve Gerges (fuusmuus/ visual delight), Toby *spark (who actually made me choose VDMX) and 100s more. It would be cool if you could talk to Kyle from vjloops. He's a really great guy and really good VJ, too.

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