Saturday, November 7, 2009

Yesterday at Druckbox in Leipzig

Hey everybody,
yesterday I went with a friend of mine to the club Druckbox located in Leipzig. Strange things happend there...
I felt like it was 1994 or somthing like this... it's a pretty dark club just strobes and a laser beam and fog, fog and again fog. just like it has to be at staight techno partys. The lineup was also pretty nice with Norris Terrify and Reche&Recall vs.NDK and some more. But the strange thing is that the 2nd floor was just used for a dance evening for lets say older people. Candlelight and waiter service and a DJ playing Fox and moderating the evening.. guess what? Yeah... smoking area was outside so the old ppl and the hardtechno freaks both went outside and some of each just showed up at the opposite floor.. strange. 1.30 a.m. in the night they even did not close the floor but instead they rebuild it cleaned a tiny bit and made the big floor just smaller. after half a hour it was a minimal tech floor... without fog and just one scanner... strange.. really strange.

Last time I've seen sort of that was 1999 at Flux Club in Amsterdam for the Six in the Mix Tour of Sven Väth.

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